IT Infrastructure Management


SUSE Manager Deployment and Initial Configuration — Course SMGR211v4

This three day course is intended to teach the student the purpose, features, and benefits of SUSE Manager (SUMA) 4. The course will present the three-tier architecture of a SUMA System and the requirements for successfully installing these architectural components.

SUSE Manager Basic Operations — Course SMGR201v4

This three day course focuses on the types of day-to-day administrative tasks that SUSE Manager makes easy to complete and monitor. Generally, the major topics that are discussed in detail are:

* Exploring the SUSE Manager (SUMA) Web UI Management Console
* Implementing Channel Management
* Delegating Management Authority in SUMA
* Managing Minions using Salt commands
* Performing common administrative activities.

SUSE Manager 3.1 Administration — Course SMGR201

This course prepares attendees to install SUSE Manager 3.1, configure the SUSE Manager 3.1 server in their environment, register their existing or new servers to SUSE Manager, use Salt configuration management, search for CVE vulnerabilities, patch servers, use Subscription Matching, add Organizations and use the SUSE Manager Proxy Server.

SUSE Manager 3.x adds support for Salt based configuration management and a range of updates and improvements from the 2.1 release.

This course will prepare students for the SUSE Certified Administrator in Systems Management certification.

Installing and Configuring SUSE Manager for Retail — Course SMGR212

This course covers the purpose, deployment scenarios, and use cases for the SUSE Manager (SUMA) for Retail product. You will install and configure the SUMA Retail patterns and formulas on top of a SUMA Server and SUMA Proxy Server.

SUSE Manager for Retail Installation and Configuration — Course SMGR212v4

This course is part of the development track for the SUSE Manager v4 learning path and is not yet available.

SUSE Manager Advanced Operations — Course SMGR301v4

This course is part of the development track for the SUSE Manager v4 learning path and is not yet available.