SUSE Training Partner Program

The market for training in the open source world is growing constantly as new and exciting technologies are created, including technology areas such as cloud, storage and containers. We’re committed to offering training programs that adapt and innovate alongside these new technologies, so we’ve created a SUSE training team dedicated to the development of training content relevant to SUSE partners and customers.

The SUSE Training Partner Program

We have designed a program which will offer the best opportunity for our training partners and therefore in turn better support to our customers.  The program uses a subscription model rather than a kit sales model. To be a partner in the new program there will be an annual subscription which will replace the current model of purchasing training kits.

Key Benefits of the SUSE Training Partner Program

Student kits at no additional cost

All of our course materials are available as electronic kits (no printed materials) and access to kits is included in the annual subscription.

Access to our online course locator

We have created a new, easier to use online training locator where you can post details about your training events. These will then be searchable directly on our website and can be linked back to your own website or event registration tool. This means that customers will have a direct link from to your own website.

Course releases aligned to product releases

Course releases are now aligned to product releases because we now have a development team dedicated to SUSE training.  As part of our development process we have included milestones in the timeline at which we will notify training partners of the course status, content and guidelines to allow you to plan your future training schedules with confidence.

Ongoing communication

We will send our SUSE training partners regular emails with updates on our plans and progress, keeping you aware of new plans, changes to courses, events, etc.

Tighter integration with SUSE for events

Partners will get marketing opportunities at SUSE events such as SUSECON and Linux Expert Days to help you market your SUSE training schedule to as wide an audience as possible.

SUSE Certified Instructor Program

The SUSE Certified Instructor (SCI) program runs in parallel with the SUSE Training Partner Program.   Training partners will be required to use an appropriately qualified and authorized SCI to teach each class, and we will be hosting lists of authorized instructors on our website.

Next Steps

If you wish to join the program, contact your local SUSE representative or email