SUSE TRAIN Partner Program

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The SUSE One Partner Program

Real world problems are complex – no one company can deliver the solutions enterprises need to survive and thrive. The SUSE One Partner Program is a community of partners specializing in delivering enterprise-grade, open source software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions backed by superior service and support.


TRAIN Specialisation

The TRAIN specialization focuses on partners that will provide training services and offerings with SUSE and/or SUSE One Partner Solution Stacks. SUSE relies on these partners to help customers and partners go deep into SUSE products and solutions. Whether you focus only on training or offer learning as part of a suite of services, TRAIN provides the benefits to help you create a profitable business practice. We provide two tiers – Gold and Platinum – with increasing levels of requirements and value.

Key Benefits of the SUSE TRAIN Partner Program

  • Access to the SUSE Partner Portal
  • Opportunity for SUSE Training Credit Redemption
  • Sales and Marketing support from SUSE Training
  • Access to all available SUSE training courses
  • e-kit courseware Model to deliver your SUSE Training Classes
  • Publish your course on the SUSE training website
  • Integration with the SUSE Certified Instructor Program to ensure quality of technical instruction

SUSE Certified Instructor Program

The SUSE Certified Instructor (SCI) program runs in parallel with the SUSE Training Partner Program.   Training partners will be required to use an appropriately qualified and authorized SCI to teach each class, and we will be hosting lists of authorized instructors on our website.

Join us!

We invite you to learn more about the program. Contact us via your local SUSE representative or email