SUSE Certified Instructor Program

Welcome to the new SUSE Certified Instructor (SCI) Program.

SCI Program Overview

SCI Progress flowchart

To apply to the SCI program please review the flowchart above to understand the program requirements then follow the steps below to make an application to the SCI program.

Step 1 : Candidates must have either a SUSE Certified Engineer 11 or 12 (previously called CLP) technical certification before applying to the program. If you do not currently hold a suitable certification then first obtain the required certification. *Note: From 1st September 2016, only SLES 12 based certifications will be accepted.

Step 2 : Apply to the program. Send an email to SCI Instructor Support with your name, certification ID and the name of the training partner sponsoring your SCI application. Include details of any 3rd party teaching certification which you wish to use to meet the teaching requirement.

Please refer to the SCI Program Guide 2016 for full details of the program and requirements.

SUSE Certified Instructor Logos

Logos are available for use on websites, business cards and so on. Various graphic file formats can be downloaded from here. (Login Required)

SUSE Certified Instructor Events Schedule

To access the current schedule of events and Train the Trainer sessions which are scheduled for SCIs click here

Instructor Course Materials

SUSE Course materials are available to authorized SCIs. Access is controlled based on your teaching authorization status. To access course materials you must hold a teaching authorization for at least one class in the course group (Linux, Cloud, Storage, Management).
Access SUSE Course Materials (Login Required)

Continuing Certification Requirements for current SCIs (announced 17th August 2016)

All existing SCIs will require to ensure that they hold a SUSE Certified Engineer in Enterprise Linux 12 certification by 31st December 2016. This CCR will ensure that anyone teaching SUSE technologies will have an understanding of the core platform on which all SUSE products are built.

SCI Program Webcast – 17th August 2016

If you were unable to attend the SCI Program webcast or wish to review the content, the recording is now available for download here. (Login Required)

Teaching Authorization Requirements

A key aspect of the SCI program is authorization to teach specific courses. To review the authorization requirements for currently available SUSE Training courses use the Course Authorization Requirements table.

SCI Program FAQs – January 2017.

I have been de-authorized from the SCI program because I did not update to SCE 12. How do I rejoin the program?
To rejoin the SCI program simply update your technical certification to SCE 12 and then contact SCI program support to ask for reinstatement to the SCI program. Reinstatement is at the discrection of the SCI Program Manager.

I cannot access course files which I am authorized to teach, how do I fix this
Send your login name and certification ID to SCI program support using the email address below.

Now that a CCR has been announced, what will happen if I do not update my certification by 31st December 2016?
SCIs who do not meet the CCR requirements by the deadline of 31st December 2016 will be expired from the program, and will no longer be authorized to teach SUSE courses or access any of the program benefits. To rejoin the program at a later date you will need to follow the processes outlined in the Program Guide related to expired status.

I am currently a CNI – what will my status be in the new program?
All existing CNIs who hold authorization to teach recent SUSE training courses (CLP 11 or CLP 12) have been automatically be migrated into the new program during March 2016.

What happens if I am a CNI but do not have CLP 11 or CLP 12?
You will not be migrated to the SCI program. You may still apply to the program at a later date.

Can I still teach SUSE training courses if I am a CNI but not an SCI?
No, only SCIs can teach SUSE training courses.

I have a question about the SCI program – who can I ask?
There is a new dedicated email support address for the SCI program. Please email SCI Instructor Support for assistance.