SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA) in OpenStack Cloud

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SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA) in OpenStack Cloud

You can obtain your SUSE Certified Administrator in OpenStack Cloud through the Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA), a new industry-recognized certification from the OpenStack Foundation that demonstrates your ability to administer an OpenStack cloud environment.

When you have passed the exam on the openSUSE platform, you'll need to email your COA certificate to us at, and you’ll also be awarded the SCA in OpenStack Cloud from SUSE.

Study Options

As with all SUSE certifications, course work is not required.  Once you have reviewed the relevant objectives, you only need to pass that particular certification test in order to achieve the certification.  Having stated the conditions for achieving the certification, we highly recommend you study the objectives and practice anything that you are not prepared to perform from memory and experience on live systems.

SOC201: OpenStack Administration with SUSE OpenStack Cloud (2-day course)
Get a comprehensive understanding of the tasks involved with administering an OpenStack cloud, as well as hands-on practice with the common tools included with SUSE OpenStack Cloud. This course prepares you for the COA exam.

Exam Objectives

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