LPIC-1 and CLA Agreement

The SUSE certification framework has been recently updated to reflect market changes, organizational needs as well as that of the customer/candidate base.

The historical LPIC-1 for SUSE CLA offer will only be available until was terminated Aug 30, 2016. After Aug 30, SUSE will recognize current LPIC-1 holders as having met the Administrator-level prerequisite for our Engineer-level Linux certification.

Note:  One of the deciding reasons for this agreement to be terminated was that there was no actual exam on SUSE objectives being taken, and so it was impossible to determine if those achieving the certification had verifiable SUSE product skills.

SUSE and it’s partner and customer communities pride themselves on the provable and very high technical skill levels of it’s certified professionals and the taking of a SUSE exam is considered to be a must for guaranteeing the continued high level of standards within these communities.

As a result of the need to maintain SUSE product knowledge standards, SUSE no longer directly grants the CLA (Now the SCA or SUSE Certified Administrator in Enterprise Linux) 11 certification for those who have achieved the LPIC-1.   From the termination date on, we will treat the LPIC-1 as a substitute requirement for the SCE 11/12 Engineer-level exams, with the LPIC-1 certification meeting the program requirement of an Administrator-level exam.

For example, if you have the LPIC-1 and want to achieve the SCE 11/12 certification, you will now register at Examslocal.com and schedule yourself for the SCE 11/12 exam.

Upon passing the SCE exam(s), you then should email certification@suse.com and provide a verification code for your LPIC-1 certification and request fulfillment of your SCE 12.

Our system will then check your status with LPI and then fulfill your SCE certification with a congratulatory email and SCE certificate.

We highly value our relationship with LPI and it’s community of professionals, and we trust that the deepening nature of this relationship through the creation of this path to our Engineer-level of certification will be at least as helpful to our joint candidates as the previous program.

If you have any questions about these program changes or any other aspect of the SUSE Certification Framework, please email suse-training@suse.com and we will be happy to respond and answer your questions.

Ross Brunson

SUSE Certification Architect