Certification Agreement Information

Before will grant certification under any certification program, you must agree – and must show that you agree – to the terms and conditions of the  Certification Agreement.

3 ways to fulfill the Certification Agreement

  1. Electronic: Each time you take a certification exam at an authorized testing center you have the opportunity to assent to the agreement using an electronic Signature Form. You need only assent once. We strongly recommend that you download the Training Services Certification Agreement (version 2.0) and read through it in order to take advantage of this option.
  2. Online: If you missed signing the agreement when you took your certification exam, you may sign online.
    • Log into the Certification Database
    • Go to Tools on Left Navigator.
    • Select Complete Agreement/Application.
    • Click to complete the Certification Agreement. Make sure you have read through it before you select “yes”.
  3. Print/Mail: If you are a minor as defined by the law in the area in which you live, your Signature Form must be countersigned by YOUR parent, court-appointed curator, or legal guardian. You may download, print and sign the paper Signature Form and then mail it to any of the contacts listed on the Signature Form. Please be sure you read and understand the Training Services Certification Agreement BEFORE you sign the Signature Form.


Note: You must have Acrobat Reader to view and print the PDF files.

Version 2.0 is the latest version of the Training Services Certification Agreement and applies to all Training Services certifications you may obtain. If you have previously signed a Training Services Certification Agreement and are now working on another certification, you may be required to update to this latest agreement.